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Lost on the Bald
Humpback Ridge, N.C.
Spring, 1997

Day 43: May 5, 1997
The Place— Damascus, Virginia

We actually got away at 4am.. Gugg drove for a while, then I got us thru Pennsylvania. Sang a few songs. Oh... sang Piano Man with Susan last night. Sang Footloose during the drive home. Got to Bristol to return the car and got a ride all the way to Damascus after just asking to go to I-381. heard Gugg's "we're right here" fat couple at Sea World story.

Got back to Damascus and was planning to do a few miles, but met Hidalgo, Lars, and lots of people from behind us for beers. Enjoyed Hidalgo, lars, Berkely Girls, Gugg, and Lipton, but everyone else annoyed the shit out of me. Wondered why the hell I'm wasting my time with these weirdos.

Oh... on the way home I called WTAJ and talked to Tim Longwill and Curtis for Promax info. Called Promax for registration into. Everyone else went to a campfire by the river that I went to when I was here before, but I can't handle spending more time with these people. Hope tomorrow sees a better mood, but I think this has been brewing for a while. Slowly but surely getting sick of everything about the Trail.


Day 44: May 6, 1997
Lost Mountain Shelter

Felt a bit better this morning, but still got the hell out of The Place fast. Went to JK's or whatever for breakfast. Took the Virginia Creeper trail for ten miles to the AT, skipping 14 miles. Old railroad grad. Pretty and flat. Got to Lost Mountain Shelter first and was gonna eat and head back out but Hidalgo and Gugg showed up so I stayed to hang with them. Decided to get off the Trail in Marion on Thursday. Beautiful, easy day... but it's time to move on.


Day 44: May 7, 1997
Wise Shelter

Gorgeous day! Waited till 10am to hike with HIdalgo and Gugg, but my noon they were taking too many breaks so I said bye and moved on. Grayson Highlands State Park was great. Had no idea how beautiful it was out here. As great as it was, I know it's time to get off for a while. Caught Lipton just before Mt. Rogers and hiked with him for a while.


Day 45: May 1, 1997
Dad's House— Martinsville, Virginia

This is way, way late being written.

Did 16 miles to VA 16 by 3:00. Hitched into Troutdale with Lipton and Lars. One Life had been there for two hours and had left less than an hour before us that morning. We had "The Last Supper" at Danny's Country Store. Called Dad and he was there around 7. One Life was meeting someone also, and we got out around the same time.

Lipton and Lars went back to the Trail for another 1. miles to a shelter. Said bye and they rode off. Funny how quickly and quietly people disappear, probably never to be seen again. Dinner sonsisted of a 12" pizza for each of us plus cheese sticks and apple pie with ice cream.

Great to see Dad and know I don't have to spend any more nights or days in the rain. It's the right thing. Lipton's getting off next week. He's gonna hike the Connecticut section of the Trail, then go to Boulder to climb all summer. Lars plans on finishing, then going back to Hobart in Geneva, New York. Gugg plans to finish, then teach high school in either Wake or Orange counties in North Carolina. I plan to do whatever the hell I please.


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